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Landscape Series

In this series we will design and implement a landscape project to gain hands-on experience that you can then implement in your own space.

For more information about Landscape Series please contact the Yancey Learning Center at 828.682.7315.

Class 1: Landscaping 1 (2.5 Hours)
In this first class we will work together to come up with a landscape design project for the front entrance at the Yancey Learning Center. This session will focus on hardscapes such as the placement of rocks, wood, moss, bench, steps, etc.
Instructor: Smith

Class 2: Landscaping 2 (6 Hours)
During the week we will collect items to put into hard scape design. We will then place/install items in prep for planting winter hardy plants during this session. Bring a bag lunch and gloves.
Instructor: Smith

Class 3: Landscaping 3 (2.5 Hours)
During this session the focus will be on planning what plants to use for our unique landscape design and identifying best practices for purchasing or obtaining plants.
Instructor: Smith

Class 4: Landscaping 4 (2.5 Hours)
Location, location, location. How do we determine which plants to put where? We will review design ideas and start to lay out a plan.
Instructor: Smith

Class 5: Landscaping 5 (8.5 Hours)
During this session we will talk about soil prep, amendments, etc and what we might have found for planting from local sources. This is in preparation for planting on October 7. We will make the final decisions on the location of plants, then actually dig and plant what we have gathered. Bring lunch, gloves, and any garden tools you may have.
Instructor: Smith