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Fused Glass Wind Chimes (2 Hours)

It’s springtime, the sky is blue, the grass is turning green, and it is time to create your own unique fused glass wind chimes. Each student will be supplied with a standard shaped header and up to 5 dangly-bit pieces (pre-cut or students cut their own shape). Students will use glass sheet, frit, stringer and rods to create a unique design for the glass wind chimes. Price include wire loops that will be trapped between glass pieces to allow connecting the chimes with fishing line.

After assembling your wind chime components, the instructor will take your designs back to her studio to be fired in the glass kilns. Lengths of fishing line will be included for you to assemble your wind chimes before hanging them at home. Pickup of the final pieces will be 1 week after the class and can be picked up at the front desk at Mayland Community College in Burnsville.

4/15, Sa, 1:00–3:00 p.m.
Instructor: Taylor
Yancey: 828.682.7315
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