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Dental Assisting (DA I) (300 Hours)

The Dental Assistant performs patient examinations, radiographs, and sitting chairside during dental procedures. They will also learn to instruct patients in oral hygiene home care procedures. They provide patient education by instructing patients on oral hygiene at home care. Upon completion of the program students will be eligible to sit for the DANB certification exam (NELDA) to become a certified Dental Assistant I (DA I).

Ready to start a rewarding career that empowers you to improve patients’ health and smiles every day? Enroll in our Dental Assisting Program and gain access to a profession with excellent job prospects and the potential for personal and professional growth. Demand for skilled dental assistants is on the rise-ensure you’re on the forefront of this dynamic field by joining our interest list now. Take the first step towards a successful and satisfying career.

Cost of Class:

  • Tuition/Registration: $180
  • Text: $273.27 (subject to change)
  • Liability Insurance: $13
  • Optional Accident Insurance: $1.20
  • CPR card

Admission Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Provide proof of high school completion (High school transcriptions, copy of high school diploma, or copy of completion of GED requirements).
  • Provide documentation of complete immunization record including proof of MMR 1 and 2 or individual titers, current TB test, varicella infection by medical record, varicella titer, or varicella immunization fi titer is negative, proof of hepatitis B vaccine or signed MCC waiver
  • Tetanus and flu shots for some clinical sites

Technology Requirements:

  • Reliable internet access
  • Access to an up-to-date Windows or Apple computer. *NOTE: some courses and course materials do not operate as expected on Apple products (MacBooks, iPads, Surface, etc), Chromebooks, and cell phones, Students may wish to consider an alternate plan if this occurs.

Training Includes:

  • Dental Morphology & Anatomy: emphasizes the understanding of the development, eruption, and individual traits of each tooth and surrounding structures. Basic study of human anatomy, physiology and microbiology related to dental science
  • Dental Radiography: the fundamental background and theory for safe and effective way to use X-rays in dentistry, including history production and uses of radiation, radiographic film/sensors, exposure factors, interpretation of radiographs, and radiation hygiene.
  • Dental Science: basic study of the dental assisting profession, oral pathology, pharmacology, nutrition, ethics, oral health, and prevention.
  • Dental Office Management: provides the study of the front end/business aspect of the dental office. Including: communication, operating systems, and financial management.
  • Infection Control: introduces the infection and hazard control procedures necessary for the sate practice of dentistry. Includes occupational health and safety, as well as infection prevention.
  • Clinical Procedures I: preparation to assist a dentist efficiently chairside. Emphasis on the names and functions of dental instruments, instruments used, and the assistants’ role in the use of instruments.
  • Clinical Procedures II: introduces the use of dental materials and chairside procedures and the functions of the materials.
  • Dental Clinical Experience: consists of the practice in a dental office/clinic with rotation of assignments to encompass experiences in office management ad clinical experience in all areas of dentistry.

Other Fees:

  • Cost of Certifications exam
  • Drug Screening for Clinical Site
  • Background check for Clinical Site

9/17/24-3/13/25, TW, Lecture 8:30-10:30a.m.,
Lab 11:00a.m.-1:00p.m. Clinical days and hours may vary.
Instructor: Crenshaw
Mitchell: 828.766.1370