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Craft Butchery Series with Butcher AJ Nowell

Learn the art of using the whole animal with total respect, skill, and precision.

Intermediate Craft Butchery (3 Hours)
If you enjoyed Intro to Craft Butchery, then let’s go a step further. In this class, students will discuss more advanced cuts. In addition, they will focus on the processing of whole chickens, in addition to half a hog or lamb carcass. Hands-on knife practice will be introduced in this section.

Instructor:  Nowell
Avery 828.733.5883

Advanced Craft Butchery (3 Hours)
This class will cumulate the discussions of the introductory and intermediate classes. It will then move on to knife sharpening techniques, dry aging, beef cuts, and much more. More hands-on opportunities will be provided.

Instructor: Nowell
Avery 828.733.5883