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Visitors and Minors on Campus

The College welcomes visitors to campus.  All visitors must comply with the College's policies and procedures.  Additionally, in the interest of safety, and to minimize disruption to classes and operations, all visitors shall adhere to the following rules:


  • All visitors to instructional areas must have the instructor's prior approval. Visitors unfamiliar with the campus should report to the front desk.
  • All visitors to laboratories, shops, or other potentially hazardous areas must be escorted by a College employee.

Minor Children

  • Minor children are defined as children under the age of eighteen (18).
  • Students and College employees are encouraged to make child care arrangements to reduce interruption of the educational process and avoid possible injury to a minor. Supervisors are responsible and accountable for ensuring that minor children on campus adhere to College policies and procedures. Should employees require time to resolve their childcare situation, they are required to leave work and use the appropriate leave.
  • Minor children are allowed in offices on the campus for short, occasional visitations, when accompanied by a responsible adult. Minor children are not allowed in the classroom.
  • Minor children are not allowed on campus when the child has a contagious condition or is too ill to be sent to the regular

Removal from Campus

  • To ensure a safe and secure campus environment, the President, his/her designees and senior administrators (Vice Presidents) have the authority to dismiss a person from campus.  Legal action for trespassing may be taken if the person does not comply.