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Repeating Courses and Course Substitutes

Repeating Courses

Curriculum Courses

Curriculum courses may be repeated two times.  When a student repeats a course, the last grade is recorded as the final grade, and only the last hours attempted are counted in determining the student’s GPA.  The last grade earned will become the grade of record even if it is a lesser grade.  The previous grade will remain part of the permanent transcript.  Exceptions may be made by the Dean/AVP.

Workforce Education Courses

Students may enroll in workforce/continuing education courses as many times as necessary to accomplish their individual educational/training goals provided they continue to show progress. Workforce Education programs/courses are designed to enable participants to progress, at their individual achievement rates, in gaining knowledge and skills in specific educational areas.

Course Substitutes

When it is determined to be in the best interest of the student’s declared educational objective, appropriate courses may be substituted for other courses for graduation purposes. Necessary course substitutions within the major field (courses reflecting the prefix of the student’s major curriculum) require the approval of the Department Dean. Course substitutions from curriculums outside the student’s major area, which have been made for the purpose of addressing the general education or related course requirements, must be approved by the Department Dean. The Dean must notify the Office of Admissions, Records, and Registration in writing of all applicable course substitutions on an individual student basis.