WIOA Youth Services

WIOA-funded programs provide services to both in- school and out-of-school youth combining year-round and summer training activities. These activities help eligible young people to achieve academic and employment success and to be prepared for lifelong learning through an array of options that will improve their educational and skill competencies and provide connections to employers.

The WIOA Youth Services offers resources for youth up through the age of twenty-four (24) to help plan a career, get job experience, get advice on how to climb the career ladder, and learn job training and searching skills. Competences are gained through paid and unpaid internships, On-The-Job Training, scholarships for further education and working closely with a designated career coach.

Programs are administered through the NC Works Career Centers in Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey counties.

For more information about these services call 828.733.5883 in Avery County, 828.766.1195 in Mitchell County, or 828.682.6618 in Yancey County.