Undocumented Immigrants

An undocumented immigrant is any immigrant who is not lawfully present in the United States.  The College shall not admit undocumented immigrants unless all of the following conditions apply:

  • The undocumented immigrant attended and graduated from a United States public high school, private high school or home school that operates in compliance with State or local law.
  • The undocumented immigrant must comply with all federal and state laws concerning financial aid.
  • The individual shall not be considered a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes and must be charged out-of-state tuition regardless of whether the individual resides in North Carolina.
  • When considering whether to admit the individual into a specific program of study, the College shall take into account that federal law prohibits states from granting professional licenses to undocumented immigrants.
  • Students lawfully present in the United States shall have priority over any undocumented immigrant in any class or program of study when capacity limitations exist.
  • An admitted undocumented student will not be permitted to register for a class or program of study or be placed on a waiting list until the conclusion of the last published registration date for the term.