Tuition and Fee Deferment

  1. All Curriculum students, after registering for courses for the specific term, must pay or establish a payment plan through a provider approved by the College on or before a specific date prescribed by the College that is on or before the first date of the course section. Students applying for financial aid that completed their application before the established deadline, and appear to be eligible for assistance, will be allowed to remain in their courses until the census date to allow additional time for until their financial aid is to be processed. Students that did not apply for financial aid prior to the established deadline may establish a payment plan.Students wanting to enroll but lacking funds to pay tuition and fees must meet one of three criteria prior to the census date of the course to defer their payment beyond the payment deadline set by the registrar’s office:1. Must have applied for financial aid by the application deadline set by the financial aid office and, through preliminary review, appear to qualify for assistance;

    2. Must provide (or have their sponsor provide) documentation in writing from a valid third party agency that the student may be sponsored by the third- party agency once a final review is complete; or

    3. Must enroll in a payment plan to satisfy the outstanding balance through a third-party provider contracted by the College. All balances must be paid before the last day of the semester.

    Students who have not completed all requirements by the financial aid office, not supplied a final authorization from their third-party agency or who fail to pay the balance owed by the end of the semester will be subject to the following restrictions until payment in full has been received or until assistance is granted to satisfy the account balance:

    1. Grades for the term shall be withheld;

    2. Transcripts shall not be released;

    3. Registration for future terms shall not be permitted without an approved payment plan; and

    4. Permission to participate in graduation shall be denied.

    Students with outstanding balances shall be notified by a Statement of Account showing the account balance and the nature of the charges and shall be dealt with pursuant to Policy 6.2.9 – Debt Collection.