Student Organizations and Activities Policy

Students organizations shall either relate to a specific instructional program offered by the college or shall promote some designated goal or objective of the college.

The charter for each student organization must be recommended by the Administrative Council and approved by the College President. All student organizations shall document the purpose and objectives of the organization, and create a constitution and working bylaws and/or operational guidelines.

Additionally, student publications shall establish editorial guidelines as part of their charter process and be approved by the Administrative Council.

The documentation supporting a student organization shall include:

  • A statement of purpose for the new organization, together with a Constitution and working bylaws and/or operational guidelines.
  • A list of current officers.
  • A list of at least 15 current members.
  • The name of an organization advisor, chosen from MCC staff or faculty.

All student organizations will have advisors approved by the Dean of Students and the Vice President of Academics and Workforce Development. All advisors are to ensure that student activities are consistent with the purpose of the institution and the personal development of students. Each student organization will submit an annual budget request to the Dean of Students for approval by the Administrative Council.

All student organizations must be officially chartered by the college prior to establishing a financial account with the college business office. All student organizations are required to have their financial accounts established and budgets approved prior to receipt of any funds. All financial transactions must be in accordance with business office guidelines and practices and in accordance with applicable state laws, the state Administrative Procedures Manual, and State Board of Community Colleges regulations.

All fundraising efforts, including solicitation of donated items, must have prior approval by the Dean of Students and Executive Director of the Foundation.

Any student organization which fails to function in a manner that is consistent with the purpose of the institution and the personal development of students shall have the charter revoked by the Administrative Council. Examples of reasons for the revocation of the charter of a student organization include: inactivity, inappropriate student activity, inappropriate student conduct, misuse of funds, or other activity or situation which reflects negatively upon the college.