Instructional Safety Precautions

Safety procedures shall always be enforced, especially in shop and laboratory facilities. The following guidelines shall be followed:

1. Course instructors shall always point out hazards in advance. This instruction shall be done as part of the regular teaching program with special emphasis placed on preventative approaches to hazards.

2. Faculty/Instructors must always be present when shops and laboratories are being used.

3. For medical issues and reporting accidents, consult Policy 2.1.5 – Campus Medical Emergencies.

4. Faculty/Instructors and students shall wear industrial quality eye protective devices during instruction involving any of the following conditions or activities:

  • Hot solids, liquids or molten metals.
  • Milling, sawing, turning, shaping, cutting or stamping of any solid materials.
  • Heat treatment, tempering or kiln firing of any metal or material.
  • Gas or electric arc welding.
  • Repair or service of any vehicle.
  • Caustic or explosive chemicals or materials.