Campus Medical Emergencies

Emergency Medical Assistance

The College has no facilities for medical treatment of employees or students.

College personnel and/or individuals present will contact emergency services by dialing 9-1-1 and request first responder services in the event of a medical emergency.

All accidents involving College employees are to be reported to the appropriate Dean/Vice President and the Safety Office within one (1) business day.  All accident report forms must be completed within two (2) business days.

Students who are covered under student accident insurance should notify the appropriate Dean/Vice President within one (1) business day.  If the accident occurs in a classroom or lab, the appropriate employee should complete the College’s Student Accident Report Form.  The Administrator will assist the student in making a claim to the insurance company.  Students are also encouraged to report any acute medical conditions to their faculty/instructors.

If emergency medical services are required off campus, i.e., firing range, defensive driving course, etc., established emergency medical procedures for that location should be followed in conjunction with the aforementioned procedures.

The following procedures should be followed if an accident occurs involving a College vehicle:

  1. Dial 9-1-1 if emergency services or an ambulance is needed;
  2. Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency to obtain a report;
  3. Obtain as much information as possible from any other parties involved in the accident; and
  4. Contact the Safety Officer.

First Aid kits are located in the following locations:

  • Gwaltney Hall – front desk of the main lobby (switchboard), LRC (Circulation Desk), Student Services window, and Biology Lab
  • Samuel Phillips Building— faculty lounge (2nd floor), Office of Economic and Workforce Development suite entrance, and Cosmetology department
  • Public Safety Building— BLET Department and Horticulture Department
  • Allied Technology Building— first and second floors
  • Welding Building
  • The Center for Crafts and Construction Trades
  • The Avery Learning Center
  • The Yancey Learning Center