Active Shooter Response


If you hear shots fired inside or near your building:
The following sequential steps will help protect you and others. The acronym, SELF, follows the order of choices you should make based on your specific location and situation. You will determine which course of action to follow based on the situation.


Be aware of your surroundings, where you are, and what is available


This is your first and best choice when possible
Evacuate and run as far away as possible
Help those who need assistance, being aware that helping may place you in greater danger
As soon as you are safe, call 911
If you encounter police, immediately raise your hands over your head with your fingers spread apart and yell we’re coming out


If you cannot evacuate, this is your next best choice
If you not in a space that can be locked or secured move quickly to a place where you can secure the doors
If available, use the door lock
If not available, use a belt to tie two doors or door hinges together or use a belt or electrical cable to tie around the door handle while pulling the end tight as you stand to the side
In addition to securing the door, barricade the door with desks, chairs, and other objects
Move to an area out of sight
Turn off lights
Close blinds
Silence all cell phones
Be quiet, but call 911 and plan your next action


This is the last and least desirable choice
Only confront the aggressor if you are in immediate danger and have no other option
Distracting, disarming, and subduing the aggressor may be your only choice
You can use backpacks, books, water bottles, etc. to throw at the aggressor to distract
If the weapon is separated from the aggressor put any large item, such as a trashcan, over the weapon, keeping the weapon will cause you to be seen by police as the aggressor
If it becomes necessary, it is important that you resist forcefully and however possible