Annual Fund

Donate TODAY to support Mayland Community College Students through the 2017-2018 Annual Fund!


Annual Fund Goals

Operating Expense: $20,000

Earth to Sky Park: $20,000

Bare Dark Sky Observatory Operating: $10,000

Campus Signage/Wayfinding: $10,000

Scholarships: $30,000

Student Employment at the Earth to Sky Park: $20,000

Total: $110,000


The MCC Foundation Annual Fund, not only helps keep the Foundation running, but goes towards specific projects, chosen annually by the Board of Directors. For the 2017-2018 fiscal year, the Board has identified the Earth to Sky Park/Bare Dark Sky Observatory and Student Scholarships as ongoing projects for which additional funding is always needed.

 Two new projects were added this year: campus signage and student employees at the ESP. The new wayfinding system will create consistent easy-to-follow signs to help guide students and visitors safely around all of our campuses. Accurate signage is also extremely important for rescue personnel in the event of an emergency. Students will also help make the vision of the Earth to Sky Park a reality through the Foundation funded student employment. These students will help build the new propagation lab and work in the greenhouses, set up fencing, and create an inviting space for visitors.

All contributions, of any amount, make a BIG impact! All donors will receive recognition on our NEW Annual Fund Donor Wall (coming in July), located in the lobby of the Samuel Phillips Building.