Agribusiness Technology (A15100)

Curriculum Description:
The Agribusiness Technology program prepares individuals to manage agricultural businesses and agriculturally related operations within diversified corporations.  Potential course work includes instruction in agriculture, agricultural specialization, business management, accounting, finance, marketing, planning, human resource management, and other managerial responsibilities. 

A.A.S. Degree Requirements: 69 Semester Hours Credit

General Core 

PrefixNumberCourse Name Class Lab Clinical E/WCredit 
ACA115College Study Skills02001
ENG111Writing and Inquiry 30003
COM 231Public Speaking 30003
HUM 110Technology and Society 30003
PSY 150General Psychology 30003
MAT 110Mathematical Measurement and Literacy 22003

Major Courses

CIS110Introduction to Computers22003
ACC115College Accounting 32004
AGR139Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture30003
AGR140Agricultural Chemicals 22003
AGR160Plant Science 22003
AGR170Soil Science 22003
AGR180Crop Insects Disease23003
AGR212Farm Business Management 30003
AGR213Ag Law and Finance 30003
AGR214Agricultural Marketing 30003
AGR220Ag Mechanization 22003
ANS110Animal Science 30003
ANS115Animal Feed and Nutrition 22003
ANS120Beef Prodcution 22003
ANS130Polutry Production22003
ANS140Swine Production 22003
WBL111Work-Based Learning 000101
Total Major Hours 412301053
Total Degree Hours 552701069