Programs of Study

Degree Program

The following degree programs are Title IV eligible (eligible for the Pell Grant) at Mayland Community College:

ProgramDegree LevelMajor Code
Applied Engineering TechnologyAssociate DegreeA40130
Associate in ArtsAssociate DegreeA10100
Associate In ScienceAssociate DegreeA10400
Associate Degree in NursingAssociate DegreeA45110
Associate Degree GOT - Health ScienceAssociate DegreeA55280
Business AdministrationAssociate DegreeA25120
Computer Engineering TechnologyAssociate DegreeA40160
Computer Information TechnologyAssociate DegreeA25260
CosmetologyAssociate DegreeA55140
Criminal Justice TechnologyAssociate DegreeA55180
Electronics Engineering TechnologyAssociate DegreeA40200
Human Services TechnologyAssociate DegreeA45380
Medical AssistingAssociate DegreeA45400

Certificate and Diploma Programs

The following certificate and diploma programs are Pell Grant approved and are exempt from clock hour or clock to credit hour calculation:

ProgramDegree LevelMajor Code
Medical AssistingDiplomaD45400

The following certificate and diploma programs are clock hour programs, from which Pell will be awarded using the clock hour calculations as set forth by the Department of Education:

ProgramDegree LevelMajor Code
CosmetologyCertificate (1200 Hours)C55140H

The following diploma programs are Pell Grant approved, but are subject to the Department of Education’s clock hour to credit hour conversion.  Clock to credit conversion programs are only eligible for partial aid.  Therefore, Pell will be awarded using the clock to credit conversion rate.

ProgramDegree LevelMajor Code
Welding TechnologyDiplomaD50420

All undergraduate non-degree Pell programs which have courses that will not transfer for full credit toward an associate degree at Mayland Community College will be prorated using the clock to credit conversion formula as regulated by the U.S. Department of Education.