MCC Placement Procedure

MCC RISE Placement Guide by Measure

Students entering a NCCC may be placed into course using a one of several measures:

High School Measures

ENG Course
Math Course
< 2.2ENG 002MAT 003
2.2 – 2.799Gateway Course/Co-RegENG 111 + 011MAT 110 + 010/121 + 021/143* + 043/152* + 052/171 + 071
>2.8Gateway CoursesENG 111MAT 110/121/143*/152*/171

(When using the high school GPA for placement, the unweighted GPA is used. For students who apply for admission before graduating from high school, the unweighted GPA at the end the 1st semester of the Junior year or the most recent is used)

General Education Development (GED)

Mathematical Reasoning< 170 on anyENG 002 & MAT 003 or Rise Test
Reading through Language Arts, Social Studies, & Science> 170 on allGateway Courses: ENG 111 & MAT 110/121/143*/152*/171

(2014 and after; students with GED awarded prior to 2014 must take the RISE Test)

High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)

Language Arts-Reading,< 15 on any orENG 002 & MAT 003 or Rise Test
Language Arts-Writing, Essay< 4 on essayGateway Courses: ENG 111 & MAT 110/121/143*/152*/171
Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies

> 15 on all & > 4 on essay Gateway Courses: ENG 111 & MAT 110/121/143*/152*/171


English (Pre-March 2016)> 500ENG 111
Critical Reading (Pre-March 2016)> 500ENG 111
Mathematics (Pre-March 2016)
> 500MAT 110/121/143*/152*/171
Reading & Writing (March 2016 & after)> 480ENG 111
Mathematics (March 2016 & after)> 530MAT 110/121/143*/152*/171


English (2014 & after)16 – 17ENG 111 + 011
English> 18ENG 111
Reading (2014 & after)20 – 21ENG 111 + 011
Reading> 22ENG 111
Mathematics (2014 & after)20 – 21Gateway Course + co-req
Mathematics> 22MAT 110/121/143*/152*/171

Previous Developmental Credit

Developmental EdMultiple Measures
RED 070 & ENG 070
DRE 096ENG 002
RED 080 & ENG 080DRE 097ENG 002 + G=P1ENG 111 + 011
RED 090 & ENG 090
DRE 098ENG 002 + G=P2ENG 111
MAT 060DMA 010 - 030MAT 003 + G=P1 MAT 110/143* + 043/152* + 052
MAT 070/071DMA 010 - 050MAT 003 + G=P2 MAT110/121 + 021/143*/152*/171 +
MAT 080DMA 010 - 080MAT 003 + G=P3 MAT 110/121/143*/152*/171

(If RED & ENG placement is not the same, place student in lowest DRE. No credit places into DRE 096)

Previous College Credit

C or better in a college level English (requiring pre-req of DRE 098)ENG 111
C or better in a college level Math (requiring pre-req of DMA 080)MAT 110/121/143*/152*/171
Students who have earned an Associate or Bachelors degreeGateway Courses

(Previous college credit used for placement must be from a regionally accredited institution and be evaluated by the Office of Records and Registration.)

RISE Placement Tests

English Tier 175DRE 098
English Tier 275ENG 111
Math Tier 175MAT 110/DMA 040
Math Tier 275MAT 110,143*,152*,DMA 060
Math Tier 375MAT 110,121,143*,152*,171

RISE Placement Tests

English Tier 1> or = to 75ENG111 + 011
English Tier 2> or = to 75ENG 111
Math Tier 1> or = to 75MAT 110/143* + 043/152* + 052
Math Tier 2> or = to 75MAT110/121 + 021/143*/152*/171 +
Math Tier 3> or = to 75MAT 110/121/143*/152*/171

*MAT 143 and MAT 152 also require a student to be eligible for ENG 111. 

  • Rise Test, SAT, & ACT scores are valid for 10 years.
  • If a student is using a measure other than the Rise Test for placement, an official transcript, SAT scores, or ACT scores must be submitted to Student Services.

MCC RISE Test Information

Who Will Test
  • Applicants who have been out of school more than 10 years
  • Applicants who earned a High School Equivalency diploma within the last 10 years and do not meet the required scores
    • GED: 170 or higher on all tests (2014 or after)
    • HiSET: 15 or higher on all subject tests & 4 on essay
  • Applicants who completed Adult High School
  • Applicants who graduated from a foreign high school


Ways to Waive the RISE Test
  • ACT or SAT Scores within the last 10 years
    • See a Success Advisor or Placement Procedure for required scores
  • College Level English or Math Course, with a “C” or better
  • Associate Degree or Bachelors Degree
  • Other Placement Test Scores taken within the last 10 years


About the RISE Test
  • The Rise test should only be given if none of the other acceptable eligibility criteria has been met and may not be taken if the student graduated from a US high school within the last 10 years.
  • Test scores are valid for 10 years.
  • A student may only retake any one tier of the RISE Placement Test once within a 10 year period.
  • Non-course credit is granted for developmental courses and does not count toward the required number of credit hours for graduation.
  • The RISE Tests are sequential; a student must pass each tier before attempting the next.
  • There is a charge of $25 for any student who requests a Rise Test, but will not be attending MCC.
  • A student must meet with a Success Advisor prior to registering for any course.


What to Expect on Test Day
  • A valid email is required to register for the test.
  • The RISE Test is untimed and multiple choice.
  • It takes, on average, 120 minutes to complete.
  • Each section must be completed in a single session.
  • If a question is skipped, the student cannot go back, the question is marked wrong and zero points are awarded.
  • Questions are chosen randomly from a test bank, so students are unlikely to see the same set of questions as their peers.
  • Students may use a calculator for RISE Test; a scientific calculator is recommended, however any calculator is acceptable. Students may also have scrap paper and a Math Formula Sheet (provided by the Testing Coordinator).
  • Cell phones and WIFI enabled devices are not permitted in the testing carrels and must be placed in a device compartment upon entering the Testing Center.

A student with a disability may request testing accommodations for the RISE Test.  The student must present documentation to the Office of Counseling and Disability Services and a counselor will determine if the accommodations are reasonable.