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Mayland Early College High School is a 5- year high school and college program that is tuition free for qualifying students. It is a collaborative effort between Mitchell, Avery and Yancey Counties, as well as Mayland Community College that began in the fall of 2009, graduating our first class in 2014.  

MECHS is the perfect school for those students who are highly motivated and academically ready to get a jumpstart on their future. Our students are not afraid of a challenge or to embrace a rigorous course of study.

Through our recruitment process, we are looking for potential students that are proficient at monitoring their own progress, keeping up with assignments, and meeting deadlines.  

All high school courses are Honors level courses, taught by dedicated teachers who are both experienced and highly qualified, most with advanced degrees and are Nationally Board Certified.  

Students and teachers are equipped with the latest, most up to date technology, giving our students an edge on learning.

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  • Can my child apply as a freshman?
  • http://mechs.mayland.edu/students.html#DIFFERENCES

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