Distance Education

Distance Education

Designed around the needs of the individual, Mayland Community College’s the distance education experience allows the student to participate in the curriculum and pursue an education more conveniently, without the constraints of being on campus or following a designated class schedule.

This form of learning is increasingly popular, freeing students to fit college courses into a hectic and challenging lifestyle. It also provides an individual the accessibility to pursue education when physical travel is not easy. To ensure accessibility, we offer a variety of options for distance education:

  1. Internet courses are taught wholly online.
  2. Blended courses are a mix of primarily face-to-face meetings with some required online learning.
  3. Hybrid courses are a mix of primarily online learning with some required face-to-face meetings.
  4. Independent study courses are usually offered for one student to work with one instructor.

Be sure and ask your adviser if Distance Education courses would be a good fit for you. 


The following Internet courses are being offered for the Fall 2020 Semester which starts on Monday, August 17, 2020:


ACA-115-E295 Success & Study Skills
ACA-115-95 College Accounting
ART-111-95 Art Appreciation
ART-111-96 Art Appreciation
BIO-163-95 Basic Anatomy & Physiology
BIO-168-95 Anatomy & Physiology I
BPR-111-95 Print Reading
BUS-110-E195 Introduction to Business
BUS-115-E295 Business Law I
BUS-125-E195 Personal Finance
CIS-110-95 Introduction to Computers
CJC-111-95 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJC-121-95 Law Enforcement Operations
CJC-131-95 Criminal Law
CJC-132-95 Court Procedures & Evidence
CJC-213-95 Substance Abuse
CJC-214-95 Victimology
CJC-231-95 Constitutional Law
COM-231-95 Public Speaking
COM-231-96 Public Speaking
DBA-110-95 Database Concepts
DFT-119-95 Basic CAD
DFT-154-95 Introduction to Solid Modeling
ECO-251-95 Principles of Microeconomics
ENG-111-95 Writing & Inquiry
ENG-112-95 Writing/Research in the Disc
HIS-111-95 World Civilization I
HIS-131-95 American History I
HSE-110-95 Introduction to Human Services
HSE-125-95 Counseling
HUM-110-95 Technology & Society
ISC-112-95 Industrial Safety
MAT-143-95 Quantitative Literacy
MED-121-E295 Medical Terminology I
MED-122-E295 Medical Terminology II
MKT-120-E295 Principles of Marketing
POL-120-95 American Government
PSY-241-95 General Psychology
PSY-241-95 Developmental Psychology
SOC-210-95 Introduction to Sociology
SOC-210-96 Introduction to Sociology
WBL-115-95 Work-Based Learning Seminar I
WLD-141-95 Symbols & Specifications
WLD-143-95 Welding Metallurgy


The following Blended courses are being offered for the Fall 2020 Semester which starts on Monday, August 17, 2020:

ACA-115-E130 Success & Study Skills
ACA-115-E131 Success & Study Skills
ACA-115-E140 Success & Study Skills
ACA-122-E130 College Transfer Success
ACA-122-E230 College Transfer Success
BIO-110-T40 Principals of Biology
CET-110-50 Computer Upgrade/Repair I
CHM-092-E230 Fundamentals of Chemistry
CIS-115-50 Introduction to Prog & Logic
COM-231-T60 Public Speaking
CIT-120-50 Network & Sec. Foundation
DDT-110-50 Developmental Disabilities
DFT-119-Y10 Basic CAD
DFT-154-Y50 Introduction to Solid Modeling
ELC-131-10 Circuit Analysis I
ELC-131-Y50 Circuit Analysis I
ELC-131-Y51 Circuit Analysis I
ELN-234-40 Communication Systems
ELN-260-30 Prog Logic Controllers
ELN-260-Y50 Prog Logic Controllers
ELN-260-Y51 Prog Logic Controllers
ENG-002-40 Transition English
ENG-011-61 Writing & Inquiry Support
ENG-111-60 Writing & Inquiry
ENG-111-61 Writing & Inquiry
ENG-111-Y50 Writing & Inquiry
ENG-231-30 American Literature I
HIS-111-T30 World Civilization I
HSE-110-50 Introduction to Human Services
HSE-227-10 Children & Adolescents in Crisis
MAC-121-YE250 Introduction to CNC
MAT-003-40 Transition Math
MAT-021-Y41 Algebra/Trigonometry I Support
MAT-043-T61 Quantitative Literacy Support
MAT-052-61 Statistical Methods I Support
MAT-071-51 Pre-calculus Algebra Support
MAT-121-Y40 Algebra/Trigonometry I
MAT-121-Y41 Algebra/Trigonometry I
MAT-143-T60 Quantitative Literacy
MAT-143-T61 Quantitative Literacy
MAT-152-60 Statistical Methods I
MAT-152-61 Statistical Methods I
MAT-171-50 Pre-calculus Algebra
MAT-171-51 Pre-calculus Algebra
MAT-271-10 Calculus I
MEC-111-50 Machine Processes I
MED-270-30 Symptomatology
NOS-130-30 Windows Single User
OST-148-30 Medical Insurance & Billing
SEC-110-50 Security Concepts
TDP-110-Y50 Introduction to 3D Printing
TDP-110-Y51 Introduction to 3D Printing
WEB-115-30 Web Markup & Scripting


The following Hybrid courses are being offered for the Fall 2020 Semester which starts on Monday, August 17, 2020:

ACA-118-30 College & Study Skills
BIO-111-10 General Biology I
BIO-168-10 Anatomy & Physiology I
BUS-110-10 Introduction to Business
CHM-151-10 General Chemistry I
CIS-110-10 Introduction to Computers
CIS-110-11 Introduction to Computers
COM-231-10 Public Speaking
COM-231-11 Public Speaking
COS-111-10 Cosmetology Concepts I
COS-112-10 Salon I
COS-113-10 Cosmetology Concepts II
COS-114-10 Salon II
COS-115-10 Cosmetology Concepts III
COS-116-10 Salon III
COS-117-10 Cosmetology Concepts IV
COS-118-10 Salon IV
COS-240-10 Contemporary Design
ENG-111-10 Writing & Inquiry
ENG-111-11 Writing & Inquiry
ENG-112-10 Writing/Research in the Disc
ENG-112-11 Writing/Research in the Disc
HIS-131-10 American History I
HIS-131-20 American History I
HSE-123-10 Interviewing Skills
HSE-225-10 Crisis Intervention
HUM-110-10 Technology & Society
HUM-122-10 Southern Culture
MED-110-E210 Orientation to Medical Assisting
MED-130-10 Admin Office Proc I
MED-140-10 Exam Room Procedures I
MED-260-10 Med Clinical Practicum
MKT-120-10 Principals of Marketing
MUS-110-20 Music Appreciation
NAS-101-A10 Nurse Aide I
NAS-101-Y10 Nurse Aide I
NAS-106-10 Geriatric Aide
NUR-103-10 Practical Nursing III
NUR-111-10 Introduction to Health Concepts
NUR-111-11 Introduction to Health Concepts
NUR-111-12 Introduction to Health Concepts
NUR-117-10 Pharmacology
NUR-211-10 Health Care Concepts
NUR-211-11 Health Care Concepts
NUR-211-12 Health Care Concepts
NUR-212-10 Health Systems Concepts
PHY-151-10 College Physics I
PSY-150-10 General Psychology
PSY-281-10 Abnormal Psychology
SOC-210-10 Introduction to Sociology
WBL-111-10 Work-Based Learning I
WLD-110-Y10 Cutting Processes
WLD-110-Y20 Cutting Processes
WLD-115-Y10 SMAW (stick) Plate
WLD-115-Y20 SMAW (stick) Plate
WLD-116-Y20 SMAW (stick) Plate/Pipe
WLD-121-Y10 GMAW (MIG) FCAW/Plate
WLD-122-Y20 GMAW (MIG)
WLD-131-Y10 GTAW (TIG) Plate
WLD-141-Y10 Symbols & Specifications
WLD-143-Y10 Welding Metallurgy