Why MCC?

Why you should attend MCC...

There are lots of good reasons you should attend Mayland Community College.

Here are 10 of them:

  1. You are a person, not a number
    Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor who will help you adequately plan to reach your educational goals and serve as your partner to ensure your success. Our classes are small, and your instructors will guide you along the way in order to help you succeed.
  2. Location, Location, Location
    You can receive a quality education right outside your own back door and remain close to your friends, family, and work.
  3. Why pay more?
    MCC's cost per credit hour for in-state students is $71.50. This could result in a substantial savings over two years , and we offer many scholarships and financial aid opportunities.
  4. Transfer with ease
    Agreements with top universities and colleges make transferring effortless and research shows that transfer students excel at a higher rate than students who began at a university. We also have a transfer counselor to help with your transition.
  5. Train for a first or new career
    With over 22 curriculum programs, we offer something for everyone. We offer diploma, certificate, and degree programs, and we have a career counselor who can help you select a path that is right for you.
  6. We create success
    Mayland has helped numerous people become successful. Will you be our next story?
  7. Take the lead
    We offer student leadership opportunities such as participating in the Student Government Association, serving as a Student Ambassador, becoming a member of one of the student organizaions, or starting a new one.
  8. Help when you need it
    We offer extensive support services including free tutoring and career, personal, and transfer counseling. We also offer additional support for students with disabilities, first generation college students, or other needs.
  9. The door is always open
    Anyone with a desire to learn can attend Mayland. We do not require SAT or ACT scores, but you will need to take the MCC Placement Test (Accuplacer) to ensure that you are in the appropriate courses necessary for your success.
  10. 10. MCC is in the top 1% of community colleges
    Recently Bankrate.com undertook the task of ranking two-year community colleges and technical centers around the country to see where students could get the best, most affordable start in their college careers. Mayland Community College ranked 9th in the nation in the top community colleges; a story carried by many news agencies including ABC News and Yahoo.com.