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President's Office

From the President of Mayland Community College

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and administrators, let me welcome you to Mayland Community College. Our primary mission is to be the educational gateway to opportunity in the three counties we serve. As we celebrate more than 40 years of success and being in the top 1 percent of community colleges nationwide, we remain diligent to continually improve our efforts to open this gateway to all our residents, whether they are fresh out of high school, going through a career change, or seeking a more active retirement.

Through our main campus and our learning centers in Newland and Burnsville, I think you will find that we pride ourselves on individualized instruction, small class size, and a student-centered approach to learning. Whether students are seeking a degree, diploma, or certificate in our credit programs, or looking to improve skills through our Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education classes, we strive to make education and services accessible, affordable, and convenient. The professional faculty and staff of MCC are dedicated to and uphold our values of community, excellence, and opportunity.

All of us at Mayland are committed to our vision to Establish respectful learning environments, Maximize local natural resources, Bridge educational gaps, Respond to the community, Advance opportunities for entrepreneurship, Cultivate community relationships, and Encourage lifelong learning. With this acronym E.M.B.R.A.C.E. as a guide, I stand at our gateway to offer you an educational opportunity. And let this also stand for my open-door policy to welcome your feedback on our progress.

Dr. John C. Boyd