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Board of Trustees and Governance Policies

Policy 1.1: Power and Duties of Trustees Policy 1.2: Trustee Member Legal Status
Policy 1.3: Confidential Information Policy 1.4: Conflict of Interest
Policy 1.5: Adopted Policies and Procedures Policy 1.6: Board Meetings and Meeting Procedures
Policy 1.7: Board Attorney Policy 1.8: Board Member Duties and Expectations

Administrative Policies

Policy 2.1.1: Visitors and Minors on Campus Policy 2.1.2: Campus Safety and Emergency Planning
Policy 2.1.3: Hazard Communications Program Policy 2.1.4: Instructional Safety Precautions
Policy 2.1.5: Campus Medical Emergencies Policy 2.1.6: Weapons on Campus
Policy 2.1.7: Alcohol and Drugs on Campus Policy 2.1.8: Campus Security Reporting Act
Policy 2.1.9: Reporting Crimes and Emergencies on Campus Policy 2.1.10: Communicable Diseases & Bloodborne Pathogens
Policy 2.1.11: Adverse Weather-Emergency Closings Policy 2.1.12: Sex Offender Information
Policy 2.2.1: Tobacco Free Campus Policy 2.2.2: Protection and Care of College Property
Policy 2.2.3: Facility Use Policy 2.2.4: Naming Buildings and Programs
Policy 2.2.5: Use of Alcohol at Campus Events Policy 2.2.6: Scheduling Facilities and Key to Facilities
Policy 2.2.7: Campus Sustainability Policy 2.2.8: Building Maintenance Requests
Policy 2.2.9: Service Animals and Other Animals on Campus Policy 2.2.10: Use of Design Professional Services
Policy 2.2.11: Bidding for Construction Work Policy 2.2.12: Sale, Disposal and Lease of College Property
Policy 2.3.1: Mission Statement Policy 2.3.2: College Planning
Policy 2.3.3: Charitable Donations Policy 2.3.4: Traffic Regulations
Policy 2.3.5: Campus Free Speech, Distribution of Material and Assembly Policy 2.3.6: College Publications
Policy 2.3.7: Americans with Disabilities Act Policy 2.3.8: College Records
Policy 2.3.9: Personal Use of College Property Policy 2.3.10: Public Relations

Human Resources Policies

Policy 3.1.1: Equal Employment Opportunity Policy 3.1.2: Employment
Policy 3.1.3: Employment Classifications and Working Hours Policy 3.1.4: Compensatory Time
Policy 3.1.5: Re-Employment of Retired Persons Policy 3.1.6: Employment of Relatives
Policy 3.1.7: Salary Plan Policy 3.1.8: Professional Development
Policy 3.1.9: President - Employment and Duties Policy 3.2.1: HR Benefits
Policy 3.2.2: Longevity Pay Policy 3.2.3: Employee Tuition Exemption
Policy 3.2.4: Leave Policy 3.2.5: Sick Leave
Policy 3.2.6: Annual Leave Policy 3.2.7: Educational Leave
Policy 3.2.8: Civil Leave Policy 3.2.9: Worker's Compensation Leave and Benefits
Policy 3.2.10: Bonus Leave Policy 3.2.11: Adverse Weather- Emergency Closings
Policy 3.2.12: Voluntary Shared Leave Policy 3.2.13: Family Medical Leave
Policy 3.2.14: Child Involvement Leave Policy 3.2.15: Military Leave Policy
Policy 3.2.16: Bereavement Leave Policy 3.2.17: Leave without Pay
Policy 3.2.18: Holidays Policy 3.3.1: Personnel Files
Policy 3.3.2: Evaluations Policy 3.3.3: Code of Employee Conduct
Policy 3.3.4: Discipline Action, Suspension, and Dismissal Policy 3.3.6: Right of Appeal
Policy 3.3.7: Discrimination and Harassment Policy 3.3.8: Grievance
Policy 3.3.9: Reduction in Force - Involuntary Leave without Pay Policy 3.4.1: Conflict of Interest
Policy 3.4.2: Employee Political Activity Policy 3.4.3: Weapons on Campus
Policy 3.4.4: Drugs and Alcohol on Campus Policy 3.4.5: Communicable Diseases-Bloodborne Pathogens
Policy 3.4.6: Academic Freedom Policy 3.4.7: Telecommuting
Policy 3.4.8: Secondary Employment Policy 3.4.9: Service Animals
Policy 3.4.10: Faculty Association Policy 3.4.11 Faculty Association

Instructional Policies

Policy 4.1.1: Role for Curriculum Personnel in Academic Governance Policy 4.1.2: Academic Programs
Policy 4.1.3: Curriculum Development Policy 4.1.4: Instructional Service Agreements
Policy 4.1.5: Academic Advising Policy 4.1.6: Academic Terms
Policy 4.1.7: FTE Reporting Policy 4.2.1: Intellectual Property
Policy 4.2.2: Live Client Projects Policy 4.2.3: Instructional Material Selection
Policy 4.2.4: Instructional Personnel Qualifications Policy 4.2.5: Field Trips
Policy 4.2.6: Classroom Management Policy 4.2.7: Accreditation
Policy 4.2.8: Honorary Degrees

Student Services Policies

Policy 5.1.1: Admissions Policy 5.1.2: Acceptance of Transfer Students - Credit
Policy 5.1.3: Financial Aid Policy 5.2.1: Attendance
Policy 5.2.2: Withdrawal from Courses Policy 5.2.3: Auditing Courses
Policy 5.2.4: Grading System Policy 5.2.5: Grade Appeal
Policy 5.2.6: Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension Policy 5.2.7: Curriculum Prerequisite
Policy 5.2.8: Repeating Courses and Course Substitutes Policy 5.3.1: Overview of Student Rights
Policy 5.3.2: Student Code of Conduct Policy 5.3.3: Student Threat Assessment
Policy 5.3.4: Discrimination and Harassment Policy 5.3.5: Students Alcohol and Drugs on Campus
Policy 5.3.6: Student Grievance Policy 5.4.1: Student Right to Know Act
Policy 5.4.2: Campus Security Reporting - Clery Act Policy 5.4.3: Student Records - FERPA
Policy 5.4.4: Use of Student Work Policy 5.4.5: Service Animals

Business Services Policies

Policy 6.1.1: Tuition and Fees Policy 6.1.2: Tuition Residency Requirements
Policy 6.1.3: Self-Supporting Course Fees Policy 6.1.4: Tuition-Fee Refunds
Policy 6.2.1: Fiscal Year and Budgeting Process Policy 6.2.2: Insurance
Policy 6.2.3: Surety Bonds Policy 6.2.4: Facsimile Signatures
Policy 6.2.5: Daily Deposits Policy 6.2.6: Audits
Policy 6.2.7: Official Depositories and Investments Policy 6.2.8: Disbursement of Funds
Policy 6.2.9: Debit Collection Policy 6.2.10: Methods of Payments
Policy 6.2.11: Foundation Policy 6.2.12: Review of Grant Funded Projects and Programs
Policy 6.3.1: Bookstore Operations Policy 6.3.2: Vending and Concessions
Policy 6.3.3: Expenditure of State Funds Policy 6.3.4: Financial Reimbursements
Policy 6.3.5: Chart of Accounts Policy 6.3.6: Contracting Authority
Policy 6.3.7: Purchasing Policy 6.3.8: Historically Underutilized Business
Policy 6.3.9: Payment Card Security Policy 6.3.10: Identity Theft Red Flag
Policy 6.3.11: Foreign National Compliance Policy 6.3.12: Companies that Boycott Israel and Iran Divestment Act

Information Technology Policies

Policy 7.1: Technology Services Policy 7.2: Internet and Acceptable Use
Policy 7.3: Electronic Records Retention Policy 7.4: Electronic Signatures
Policy 7.5: Social Media Policy 7.6: Peer-to-Peer Filing Sharing
Policy 7.7: Digital Technology Accessibility