MCC Scholarship Program

MCC Scholarship Program

Our goal is to make a quality education accessible to all students.

The generous support of scholarship donors at Mayland Community College and community organizations enables us to give almost 60 scholarships - totaling over $50,000 - to our students each academic year.

MCC Foundation Scholarships

MCC Foundation scholarships include both endowed scholarships and in-house scholarships. Endowed scholarships begin with a gift of $10,000 or more, which is invested. Scholarships are given based on the interest earned from the endowment. In-house scholarships are annual scholarship donations to the MCC Foundation that go directly to the scholarship recipients and are not endowed.

Students apply to all MCC Foundation Scholarships through a single online application.

A complete listing of all MCC Foundation Scholarships

Community Scholarships

Community Scholarships are awarded to Mayland Community College students through separate applications and often have specific criteria and requirements such as additional essays. Organizations may choose to set up a scholarship as a community scholarship or as an MCC Foundation scholarship.

A complete listing of all Community Scholarships

Application Process

Awards are competitive, based on criteria established by the donors of each scholarship. The Mayland Community College Scholarship Committee, made up of MCC faculty and staff, reviews applications and selects recipients. The MCC Foundation awards scholarships without regard to race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, or physical disability. 

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