Procedures for withdrawing from classes at MCC

Procedures for withdrawing from classes at MCC

A student who withdraws from the College during any semester should first consult with his or her
Admissions Retention Advisor (ARA). To withdraw from the College, the student will use the following procedures:

  1. Obtain a drop-add form from the ARA and complete an exit interview.
  2. Complete the drop-add form by listing each course being dropped and secure the necessary signatures.
  3. Return completed form(s) to the Registrar's Office by the specified date.

Unconditional Withdrawal:

During the first two thirds of any given semester, students may withdraw from a course by completing a drop form. Students withdrawing during this time will receive a grade of "W," which holds no academic penalty.

No Withdrawal:

During the final third of the semester, students will not be allowed to withdraw from registered coursework. Exceptions to this procedure will be granted only in extreme circumstances (for example, medical emergency) and must be approved by the instructor of the course, Division Dean, and Vice President of Academics and Student Development.

Administrative Withdrawal Procedures:

It is MCC policy that any student who misses two consecutive weeks of class during a full sixteen week semester (see individual syllabi for courses shorter than sixteen weeks) and has no contact with the instructor may be dropped from the class. The student cannot reenroll in the class and may face a payback situation with financial aid.

If a student has not initiated contact with the instructor and has not attended class or demonstrated academic activity for a consecutive two week period, an Administrative Withdrawal may be submitted by the instructor. The withdrawal will be effective based on the last date the student attended class or demonstrated academic activity.  If a student is not attending class and contacts the instructor via phone or email and requests not to be withdrawn, but does not continue academic activity, the student will be considered academically inactive and will be withdrawn. Refer to course syllabi for specific attendance requirements.  Students who have not attended for two consecutive weeks during the first two-thirds of the term will be withdrawn with a grade of “W,” which does not affect GPA. Those who do so during the last third of the term will earn a grade of “WP,” “WF,” or “WR” based on their grade average at the point of administrative withdrawal.