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Procedures for Withdrawing from Classes at MCC

Ten Percent (10%) Date

A student may withdraw from a course for a partial refund on or before the official ten percent (10%) date of the class.  For more information on tuition/fee refunds, see Policy 6.1.4 – Tuition/Fee Refunds.  In the case of withdrawal on or before the official ten percent (10%) date of the semester, the withdrawn course(s) will not be included on the transcript.

Seventy Five Percent (75%) Date 

At any point prior to the seventy five percent (75%) date of the semester, a student may voluntarily withdraw from his/her curriculum courses.  Students will not be allowed to voluntarily withdraw from courses past the seventy five percent (75%) date.  All applicable deadlines will be published in the College’s official calendar.

It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from course(s) if he/she cannot meet the requirements of the course.  The student should first consult his/her faculty or advisor before requesting to be withdrawn from a course.  Students receiving financial aid should also consult a financial aid advisor before requesting to be withdrawn from a course.  Withdrawing from a course could substantially delay the completion of the student’s program of study and may have impacts on future financial aid eligibility.

To officially begin the withdrawal process, the student should notify Student Services of his/her intent to withdraw from the course.  The student should complete the Add/Drop Form or visit Student Services and complete a Drop form.

Students must officially withdraw from any course they stop attending in order to ensure that they will not receive an “F” in the course.  In the case of a withdrawal, the student will receive a “W” which will not be included in the grade point average but will appear in the student’s official transcript.

Exception to Seventy Five Percent (75%) Date

The appropriate AVP/ Dean may make exceptions in cases of extenuating medical circumstances and award a grade of “W” during the final twenty five percent (25%) of the academic term for curriculum students.  A student must comply with the following steps if he/she desires a medical withdrawal:

Submit medical documentation supporting a request for a medical withdrawal within thirty (30) calendar days of the last attended class unless medical documentation is provided that satisfactorily explains a longer time period.  It is most feasible that the request and documentation be submitted before the end of the semester (and end of the classes) in question.  The documentation must be submitted to the appropriate AVP/Dean.

The Dean/AVP will review all submitted documentation and make a decision regarding voluntary medical withdrawal within ten (10) business days after the receipt of said documentation.

The decision of the Dean/AVP will be communicated to the student via registered mail, hand-delivered or electronically with confirmation of receipt from the student.  The Dean’s/AVP’s decision is final.

Students who are granted medical withdrawals will receive the grade of “W” in all courses in progress and/or specified in the request.

Specific conditions for re-admittance are stipulated at the time of withdrawal.  These conditions may specify a minimum period of time for the withdrawal and/or may require a letter of medical clearance from a physician, psychologist or psychiatrist stating that in the professional expert’s opinion the student is now capable of handling the College’s academic and social demands.

Student Involuntary Withdrawal from Course(s)

Students who register for a course and do not attend classes prior to ten percent (10%) will be dropped by the faculty.

Any student who accumulates absences in excess of ten percent (10%) of the course contact hours may be withdrawn from the class at the instructor’s discretion.  If the student is withdrawn from a class during the final twenty five percent (25%) period of the term for excessive absences, the student will receive a grade of “F” for curriculum.

Students may be involuntarily withdrawn from courses for disciplinary reasons subject to the student discipline policies.