Birds on icy branches

Gateways is the Creative Arts Journal of Mayland Community College. Click photo above to view the book in a new window.

Join us for a Symbiotic Relationship in Gateways 2019

Every issue of Gateways uses a central theme to draw together our diverse contributors and to inspire ideas for submissions. For 2019, our theme will be Symbiosis, celebrating our connections to the living things with whom we share this planet and recognizing that we are all part of the same magnificent system. From beloved pets to rare glimpses of wild creatures, from sadness to joy, we seek submissions that cover the entire scope of this complex experience.  Since Gateways  is a symbiotic relationship, completely impossible without our amazing contributors, we hope you will join us in 2019 as we work together to create something beautiful and unique. We need you writing, artwork, and photography to create the next edition. Please send along your pieces concerning symbiosis and join our collective creation.

Our deadline for submissions for the 2019 edition is May 30, 2019. Further submission guidelines, requirements for artwork sizing, and a contributor’s form can be found at or by emailing Work alongside us in a natural partnership with the Mayland Community in the 2019 Gateways.

Send us your artwork, poetry, fiction, essays, and any other creations. Print out an application here.