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Reaffirmation Process

What is the Reaffirmation Process?

SACSCOC Reaffirmation 2025

Mayland Community College (MCC) is going through the process to receive reaffirmation of its accreditation. This process involves two major tasks

  • Compliance Certification
    • Narration and supporting documentation showing that MCC is compliant with the standards and core requirements in the Principles of Accreditation.
  • Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
    • This is a five-year improvement plan identified through an institution-wide process, focused on improving student learning outcomes. The QEP Topic Selection Committee began its work in 2022, when surveys were given to constituents requesting suggestions for the QEP topic. The surveys and MCC data have given us a QEP direction. More information about the QEP topic coming soon.

Why is accreditation important?

Accreditation allows our students to have access to federally-subsidized financial aid and ensures that the courses and degrees our students receive will be recognized by and transferrable to other institutions.

Explanation and History of Accreditation

Since their beginnings, institutions of higher learning have placed great emphasis on the collective quality of instruction and educational resources. These institutions came together to organize and support accrediting bodies that set standards, manage peer review processes, and evaluate compliance. In the U.S. today, higher education accreditation is voluntary and self-regulating. Accreditation efforts fall into two general categories – institutional accreditation and programmatic accreditation.