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Registering for classes

After completing the application process, students work with the Registrar''s Office to sign up for classes. Here are answers to common questions we receive about registration.

How do I register for classes?

Before you can register for classes at MCC, you have to

  1. Apply for admission AND
  2. Meet with your assigned program advisor

When you complete those steps, your advisor will assist you in developing a schedule of classes that fit your schedule and meet the requirements of the program in which you are enrolled.

The latest MCC Curriculum Class Schedule is here.

Returning Students; after your advisor meeting, you will register online for classes using LEO (Linking Everyone Online) during the open registration period for the semester. The times you can register will be announced on LEO.

Does the Registrar's Office offer special hours during schedule adjustment? ...Yes!
The Registrar's Office has extended hours during this period to accomodate student requests. During schedule adjustment, the office is open 8am-6pm Monday-Thurday and 8am-4pm on Friday
What is schedule adjustment? How do I adjust my schedule?
Schedule adjustment is a period during the start of classes where students can drop classes and/or add them to their schedules. There is no grade penalty for changing a schedule during this time.

After the schedule adjustment period students must see their advisor to drop a class.

What is unconditional/conditional withdral? How do I withdraw from a class?

Unconditional Withdrawal allows you to withdraw from a course during the first third of the term by simply meeting with your advisor, completing a drop form and submitting it to the Registrar's Office. You will receive a "W" grade for the class on the transcript, but the class will not be counted in computing your grade point average.

Conditional Withdrawal allows you to withdraw from a class during the second third of the term by meeting with your advisor and submitting a drop form to the Registrar's Office. You will receive a grade of "WP" or "WF" based on your performance in class as determined by your instructor. A "WP" grade will not be used in computing your grade point average, but a "WF" will count as an "F" in the course in grade computation.

No Withdrawals are allowed during the final third of the term. Exceptions are allowed only under extreme circumstances and must be approved by the instructor, Division Dean and Vice-President of Instructional Services.

I attended college elsewhere. How do I transfer credits to Mayland?
You may have taken classes at other colleges, universities and technical schools that you would like to transfer to MCC for credit. The Registrar's Office has a specific policy on such transfers and you can read about it in our Online Catalog here.


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