Students learn about local employment needs

March 2017

Pictured speaking to MCC Electronics Engineering students are Baxter employees Chad Hass and Adam Aldridge.

Understanding the employment needs of local industries is imperative to student learning. Mayland Community College’s Electronics Engineering students were visited by Baxter International Inc. Technical Development Engineer /Electrical Maintenance Manager Chad Haas and Technical Trainer Adam Aldridge who talked with the students about the employment opportunities in their field at Baxter International Inc. Students were presented with technical skills and knowledge they would need to be successful in the field.

MCC’s Electronics Engineering Technology program prepares students to become technicians who design, build, install, test, troubleshoot, repair, and modify developmental and production electronic components, equipment, and systems such as industrial/computer controls, manufacturing systems, communication systems, and power electronic systems. Graduates should qualify for employment as engineering assistants or electronic technicians with job titles including electronics engineering technician, field service technician, maintenance technician, electronic tester, electronic systems integrator, bench technician, and production control technician.
Pictured speaking to MCC Electronics Engineering students are Baxter employee Chad Hass.
MCC programs work with local industry to incorporate training needs into the curriculum of programs to better prepare ready to workforce.