Receiving education at Mayland opens opportunities

August 2015

June Elkins says her experience, as well as her family’s experiences as students at Mayland Community College, is why she would encourage anyone to put MCC high on their educational option list.

Elkins attended MCC after her high school graduation and pursued a degree in Administrative Office Technologies. The skills taught in this degree were emphasized from those she had come to enjoy while taking typing and short hand in high school.

“The program at Mayland was a good fit for my career goals,” said Elkins. “It was also close to home, and affordable. My brother had attended Mayland before me, so I knew it was a good place to continue my education.”

 Elkins said she was prepared to enter the workforce and obtained the job skills needed to get a job after finishing the program at MCC.

“Mayland should be the first choice for everyone- either to start a four year degree or to earn a two year degree,” said Elkins. “Financially it just makes sense. As a parent, I want to get the most out of what I am paying for my children’s education, and attending Mayland helps me save money on their tuition.”

Elkins sons have attended MCC, with one who graduated with a degree in Horticulture Technology and the second working toward the same degree. Both sons also took advantage of the dual enrollment Career and College Promise Program.

Career and College Promise offers NC high school students free tuition to those who maintain a “B” average and meet other eligibility requirements. This program gives high school students an opportunity to take college level classes while enrolled in high school, tuition free. 

My son Austin, works locally in the career field that he earned his degree in,” said Elkins. “Horticulture isn’t just mowing yards—its gardening, farming, etc. as well as welding—there are a wide array of opportunities in that field.”

Elkins says she is proud to have seen MCC grow over the years, and sees many more opportunities for students of all ages when earning a higher education.

“I see a lot of opportunities especially for older adults who need to get retrained to re-enter the work force,” said Elkins. “You can get a quality education at Mayland. Obviously with the recent college rankings, which was awesome to see, the College encourages confidence in students to help them succeed.”