Mayland continues to rank among the top community colleges

August 2015

Once again, Mayland Community College ranks as one of the top community colleges in the nation. 

“We are pleased to be ranked as both the top community college in North Carolina and the as the 4th best in the United States” said Dr. John C. Boyd, President of Mayland Community College. “This is certainly an acknowledgement of the quality of our faculty and staff at Mayland and their dedication to students. It is also a testament to the quality and commitment of the students who attend Mayland.” ranked Mayland as the best community college of the 58 in North Carolina. This ranking was based upon transfer students success rates at four-year institutions, the focus on programs that prepare students for jobs in both curriculum and continuing education programs, the percentage of curriculum students who earn a two year degree, and students ability to take distance education courses.   

Mayland was also ranked as the fourth best community college in the nation by This ranking was based on collaborative learning opportunities provided by the college, student effort, academic challenge, student and faculty interaction, support services offered, and graduation rates of transfer students at four-year institutions.

Mayland prides itself on being the gateway for opportunity for students. 

“All the rankings we have received over the past three years has clearly placed Mayland among the top 1% of community colleges in the nation,” said Boyd. “We hope students and parents recognize the value of attaining a degree at Mayland, and are proud to be a nationally recognized college that also saves families money.”

Mayland currently offers curriculum and non-curriculum programs designed to train graduates for good paying jobs as well as to provide college transfer options. Mayland also offers hundreds of continuing education classes, Basic Skills and GEDÒ completion programs at campuses in Spruce Pine, Newland, and Burnsville. In addition, Mayland has many distance learning opportunities. 

The College now serves more than 10,000 people each year through its educational programs.  Mayland has more than doubled in enrollment since 1997, and continues to grow in services and programs each year. To learn more visit

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