Earning high school diploma opens door to college and a better future

April 2017

Pictured is Tina Hughes.Tina Hughes worked as an in-home aide at Carolina Home Care for fourteen years. During this period, Hughes intermittently attended Mayland Community College adult education classes with a goal of preparing for the GED® tests and earning her diploma. 

"My oldest daughter, Tiffany, was always encouraging and pushing me to return to class and graduate," said Hughes. "I always wanted to finish my education so I could be a positive example for my children. I received many great job offers through the years, but without the high school diploma, I did not qualify for any of them. Terrific employment opportunities at the hospital were offered to me, as well as a wonderful job in a local state prison mailroom, but because I had dropped out of school, I was blocked from being hired for these jobs I would have loved! I would get so mad at myself for missing out on these great career opportunities, all because I had left high school before I graduated."

Then, in 2014, after continued commitment to attending class, demonstrating hard work, and making personal sacrifices, Tina and her family proudly celebrated her successful completion of the high school equivalency diploma. In the weeks following her accomplishment, Hughes said doors began opening to new and better employment and educational opportunities.

In addition to starting a new job as a CNA at Brian Center, Hughes also returned to MCC to enroll in the Human Services and Medical Assistant Programs. Soon she was offered a job as Memory Care Manager at Mitchell House where she worked until accepting her current position as In-Home Aide Supervisor at Carolina Home Care.

"I love my career at Carolina Home Care," said Hughes. "It's my dream job! I get to work with our clients, their families, and our CNA's, who serve individuals in their homes. We offer in-home care in eight counties to approximately 100 clients. Successfully matching a client with the right CNA is my main goal; I want everyone involved to experience a good, comfortable fit. Finishing my GED and continuing on to college classes at Mayland has had a tremendously positive effect on our whole family. The dramatic increase in my salary has made things much easier and enables us to enjoy life more on all levels. As a whole, since I completed my diploma, our family has been much happier. It’s amazing how much a person's wages increase when they finish their education."

Hughes strongly encourages adults who need to complete their high school education to visit one of Mayland’s Learning Labs and get registered to begin classes. She knows firsthand, how encouraging and patient the instructors are, and morning and evening classes are available for your convenience.

Completing your high school diploma can open the door to college, a better future, increased self-confidence, higher salary, and the job of your dreams. 

Hughes’s encourages students in school and take their studies seriously. If you drop out before you graduate, there is a long, hard road ahead of you; the only way you can ever get a decent job will be to return to the classroom as an adult. If you really want the chance to have a career you enjoy, with good pay and benefits, stay in high school till you graduate.

For more information about FREE classes to earn your diploma or prepare for college, call Mayland Community College today at 828-766-1208.