Couple sees value in education

May 2017

"Returning to school to finish the high school equivalency diploma gave us a chance for a better life," said Mayland Community College graduate Yim Na Yang, reflecting on the decision she and her husband, JR Grindstaff, made to enroll in MCC's Adult Education program, where both successfully completed their diplomas and graduated in 2013.

Pictured are JR Grindstaff, Yim Na Yang, and daughter Bella.

Immediately following that achievement, JR secured a new job as an officer at Mountain View Correctional Facility. Also determined to excel, Yang enrolled in MCC's two year Medical Assisting Program, where Program Coordinator/Instructor Shannon Atkins provided her with valuable encouragement and support. After successfully earning her Associate Degree, Yang was hired as a full-time lab technician at Appalachian Eye Associates in Spruce Pine. 

"I really enjoy my job because every day provides me with new and exciting experiences and the opportunity to continue to learn," Yang said. "I love the chance I have to meet many interesting people. Each day brings us new and wonderful families to serve at Appalachian Eye Associates.

According to Yang, her husband JR also likes his job as a correctional officer. 

“Completing our high school diplomas at Mayland opened doors for better job opportunities for both of us," Yang said. "In addition, my diploma made it possible for me to enroll in college and earn my two-year degree at Mayland.”

Yang, JR, and 4-year old daughter Bella enjoy spending family time together outdoors. They especially appreciate hiking on local trails and as weather warms, and look forward to fun afternoons in the park.

"I would encourage anyone who wants to better their life and improved job opportunity to contact the Mayland Community College Learning Labs and make an appointment to discuss the high school equivalency diploma classes with a member of their friendly staff,” said Yang. “My husband and I would like to especially thank our instructor, Sara Coffey, for her invaluable patience and encouragement which helped us successfully complete our diplomas, graduate, and get great jobs we both love!"

For more information about FREE Adult Education classes at Mayland Community College, please call 828-766-1208.