Gateways 2017 submission request

Gateways is the Creative Arts Journal of Mayland Community College.

Innovate and Create with us in the 2017 Gateways! 

Each year, Gateways revolves around a central theme that guides our contributors and ties together the pieces we select for inclusion. In our sixth edition, Gateways will be a celebration of Innovation and Creation, focusing on all that we invent, everything that reflects a creative spark, from exciting new inventions to ancient tools that demonstrate the ingenuity of our ancestors.  We seek submissions of any medium centered on any aspect of creation and innovation, and we expect some very creative pieces that demonstrate innovation, as well as those whose subject matter celebrates the power of making, creating, and innovating.  

Send us your artwork, poetry, fiction, essays, and any other creations. Our deadline for submissions for the 2017 edition is April 28, 2017. Print out an application here.

Further submission guidelines, requirements for artwork sizing, and a contributor’s form can be found at or by emailing Share your creations and innovations with the Mayland Community in the 2017 Gateways.

For the 2016 edition of Gateways, MCC is on a voyage of discovery. 

Pictured is the cover for the 2016 edition of Gateways.

At MCC, we know that the sciences and the arts are vital partners in helping us to understand, expand, and make sense of our world and our experiences in it.

Discovery changes us, whether it is made with a map, a microscope, a telescope, a paintbrush, a camera, or a pen. For the next edition, we seek contributions that examine discoveries of all kinds. No matter what, they are valuable, unique discoveries that we want to highlight in the next edition. 

Uncover and share in discoveries from our community in the form of artwork, photography, fiction, nonfiction, and essays.