Industry Training (Customized Training)

Industry Training (Customized Training)

The Customized Training Program at Mayland Community College specializes in the development and delivery of technical training programs and services to promote recruitment and retention of local business and industry. We work with your company to choose core and industry-specific content to train your new employees or upgrade the skills of longtime employees. When the performance gap in your plant could be improved through training, Mayland can be your training partner. We can design and deliver, often directly in your plant, a training program designed to solve your specific problems. Customized Training exists to help you become more competitive and weather changes. 


When is Customized Training right for your company? 

  • When you have a business or production problem. 
  • When training can improve your company’s production or sales. 
  • When training can help meet customer requirements. 
  • When on-site training works better for you. 
  • When training needs to be done on a flexible schedule to accommodate shifts and production schedules. 

Why We Do It 

A well-trained workforce is a critical consideration in a company’s decision to locate, expand, or continue doing business here. Mayland partners with local, regional, and state agencies to develop our local workforce and implement flexible training solutions. 

Customized Training opportunities can include: 

  • Pre-employment activities (recruitment, job fairs, job profiling, skills assessments). 
  • Job-specific and advanced manufacturing processes such as robotics, machining, PLC and CNC programming, and industrial maintenance. 
  • Business support, computer applications, engineering, and media development. 
  • Continuous Improvement, Lean/Six Sigma. 
  • Leadership, supervisory skills, talent development. 
  • Safety, OSHA general industry and regulatory subjects. 
  • Technology. 

If your company is creating jobs, investing in new machinery and equipment, or streamlining processes for efficiency, you may qualify for Customized Training Assistance! For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Ted Ollis, Coordinator of Industry Training & Career Development, at 828-766-1297, or via email at