Request for Curriculum Transcripts to be Mailed to Another College

General Information

If you are seeking a G.E.D. transcript, you should make your online request here.

This form may only be used to request curriculum transcripts to be sent to other colleges. The student must be an applicant or enrolled in the college where the transcripts are being sent. There is a $5.00 non-refundable charge for each request, payable on-line. All debts to the College must be paid before transcripts may be released; please clear any debts to the college before using this form. Transcripts are usually mailed within 3-5 business days. Please allow additional time during registration periods.

All other transcript requests require a student signature. Transcript requests can be made in-person on the Main Campus located in Spruce Pine or by printing and completing a transcript request form and mailing it in along with the $5.00 fee payable by check or money order to Mayland Community College Transcript Request, PO Box 547, Spruce Pine, NC 28777-0547.

Unofficial transcripts are available to all students that have attended during the past year at no cost through LEO.


Terms of Use

Section 99.31 of the Family Rights to Privacy Act states "An educational agency or institution may disclose personally identifiable information from an education record of a student without the consent required by section 99.30 if the disclosure meets one or more of the following conditions: (2) The disclosure is, subject to the requirements of 99.34, to officials of another school, school system, or institution of postsecondary education where the student seeks or intends to enroll".

Mayland Community College reserves the right to verify information given on this request form and to deny this method of request for any reason it deems appropriate.