Horticulture Technology - Sustainable Agriculture Certificate C15240S

Curriculum Description:
The Horticulture Technology curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for various careers in horticulture.  Classroom instruction and practical laboratory applications of horticulture principles and practices are included in the program of study.

Course work includes plant science, plant materials, propagation, soils, fertilizers, and pest management.  Also included are courses in plant production, landscaping, and the management and operation of horticulture businesses.

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in nurseries, garden centers, greenhouses, landscape operations, gardens, and governmental agencies.  Graduates should also be prepared to take the North Carolina Pesticide Applicator’s Examination and the North Carolina Certified Plant Professional Examination.

Certificate Course and Hour Requirements:  17-18 Semester Hours Credit


       Major Courses   
       Core (12 SHC)

HOR 162Applied Plant Science22003
HOR 164Horticulture Pest Mgt.22003
HOR 166Soils and Fertilizers22003
HOR 245Horticulture Specialty Crops22003

        Other Major Hours (5-6 SHC)

Select 1 course from:
AGR 265Organic Crop Prod: Spring22003
AGR 266Organic Crop Prod: Fall22003
HOR 142Fruit and Vegetable Production12002
HOR 235Greenhouse Production22003