Cosmetology A55140

Curriculum Description:
The Cosmetology curriculum is designed to provide competency- based knowledge, scientific/artistic principles, and hands-on fundamentals associated with the cosmetology industry.  The curriculum provides a simulated salon environment which enables students to develop manipulative skills.

Course work includes instruction in all phases of professional imaging, hair design, chemical processes, skin care, nail care, multi-cultural practices, business/computer principles, product knowledge, and other selected topics.

Graduates should qualify to sit for the State Board of Cosmetic Arts examination.  Upon successful passing of the State Board exam, graduates will be issued a license.  Employment is available in beauty salons, and as skin/nail specialists, platform artists, and related businesses.

Degree Course and Hour Requirements:  67 Semester Hours Credit


I.      General Education Courses (15 SHC)

ART 111Art Appreciation30003
COM 231Public Speaking30003
ENG 111Writing and Inquiry30003
PSY 150General Psychology30003
MAT 110Mathematical Measurement & Literacy22003

II.     Major Courses (34 SHC)    
        A.  Core

COS 111Cosmetology Concepts I40004
COS 112Salon I024008
COS 113Cosmetology Concepts II40004
COS 114Salon II024008
COS 115Cosmetology Concepts III40004
COS 116Salon III012004
COS 117Cosmetology Concepts IV20002

        B. Other Major Courses (18 SHC)

BUS 125Personal Finance30003
BUS 230Small Business Management30003
CIS 110Introduction to Computers22003
COS 118Salon IV021007
COS 240Contemporary Design13002

DEVELOPMENTAL REQUIREMENTS: DRE 096, DRE 097, DRE 098, DMA 010, DMA 020, DMA 030, DMA 040, ACA 085