Computer Engineering Technology A40160

Curriculum Description:
A course of study that prepares the students to use basic engineering principles and technical skills for installing, servicing, and maintaining computers, peripherals, networks, and microprocessor and computer controlled equipment. Includes instruction in mathematics, computer electronics and programming, prototype development and testing, systems installation and testing, solid state and microminiature circuitry, peripheral equipment, and report preparation.

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in electronics technology, computer service, computer networks, server maintenance, programming, and other areas requiring knowledge of electronic and computer systems. Graduates may also qualify for certification in electronics, computers, or networks.

Degree Course and Hour Requirements: (67-69) Semester Hours Credit


I. General Education Courses (16 SHC)

ENG 111Writing and Inquiry30003
HUM 110Technology and Society30003
MAT 171Pre-Calculus Algebra32004
Select one of the following:
COM 231Public Speaking30003
ENG 114Professional Research and Reporting30003
Select one of the following:
PSY 150General Psychology30003
SOC 210Introduction to Sociology30003

II. Major Courses

        A. Technical Core (12 SHC)

ELN 131Electronic Devices33004


ELC 131Circuit Analysis I33004


ELN 133Digital Electronics33004

        B. Program Major (13 SHC)

CET 111Computer Upgrade/Repair I23003
CSC 139Visual BASIC Programming23003
ELN 232Intro to Microprocessors33004
NOS 110Operating System Concepts23003

        C. Other Major Hours (25 SHC)

ELN 234Communication Systems33004
ELN 260Programming Logic Controllers33004
NOS 130Windows Single User22003
NOS 230Windows Admin I22003
PHY 151College Physics I32004
MAT 172Pre-Calculus Trigonometry32004
WEB 210Web Design22003

II. Other Required Courses (1-3 SHC)

Select one of the following:
CIS 110Introduction to Computers22003

DEVELOPMENTAL REQUIREMENTS: DMA-010 DMA-020 DMA-030 DMA-040 DMA-050 DMA-060 DMA-070 DMA-080 DRE-096 DRE-097 DRE-098 ACA 085