Applied Engineering Technology (A40130)

Curriculum Description:
A course of study that prepares students to use basic engineering principles and technical skills to solve technical problems in various types of industry. The course work emphasizes analytical and problem-solving skills. The curriculum includes courses in safety, math, physics, electricity, engineering technology, and technology-specific specialty areas. Graduates should qualify for employment in a wide range of positions in research and development, manufacturing, sales, design, inspection, or maintenance. Employment opportunities exist in automation, computer, electrical, industrial, or mechanical engineering fields, where graduates will function as engineering technicians.

Course work includes mathematics, natural sciences, engineering sciences and technology.

Graduates should qualify to obtain occupations such as technical service providers, materials and technologies testing services, process improvement technicians, engineering technicians, industrial and technology managers, or research technicians.

Degree Course and Hour Requirements:  68-74 Semester Hours Credit


I.      General Education Courses (15-16 SHC)

ENG 111Writing and Inquiry30003
HUM 110Technology and Society30003
Select one of the following:
MAT 121Algebra/Trigonometry I22003
MAT 171Pre-Calculus Algebra32004
Select one of the following:
COM 231Public Speaking30003
ENG 114Professional Research and Reporting30003
Select one of the following:
PSY 150General Psychology30003
SOC 210Introduction to Sociology30003

II.     Major Courses (17-22 SHC)    
        A.  Technical Core

ISC 112Industrial Safety20002
Select one of the following:
CIS 110Introduction to Computers22003
EGR 125Appl Software for Tech12002

        B. Program Major Courses

DFT 119Basic CAD12002


ELC 131Circuit Analysis I33004


Select one of the following:
HYD 110Hydraulics/ Pneumatics I23003
MNT 165Mechanical Industrial Systems13002

        Motors and Controls:

Select one of the following:
ELC 117Motors and Controls26004
ELC 128Intro to PLC23003


Select one of the following:
ATR 112Intro to Automation23003
ELN 131Electronic Devices33004
MEC 110Intro to CAD/CAM12002
PCI 150Process Control Systems32004

        C. Other Major Courses (36 SHC):

Select 36 credit hours from the following:
ATR 112Intro to Automation23003
ATR 211Robot Programming23003
ATR 212Industrial Robots23003
ATR 214Advanced PLCs33004
ATR 215Sensors & Transducers23003
ATR 219Automation Troubleshooting13002
ATR 281Automated Manufacturing32004
BPR 111Blueprint Reading12002
CET 110Introduction to CET03001
DDF 211Design Process I12002
DDF 212Design Process II16004
DFT 111Technical Drafting I13002
DFT 111ATechnical Drafting I Lab03001
DFT 121Intro to GD&T12002
DFT 151CAD I23003
DFT 152CAD II22003
DFT 154Intro Solid Modeling23003
DFT 189Emerging Tech in CAD12002
DFT 211Gears, Cams & Pulleys13002
DFT 254Intermediate Solid Model / Render23003
EGR 111Engineer Comp & Careers22003
EGR 120Engineer & Design Graphics22003
EGR 285Design Project04002
ELC 117Motors and Controls26004
ELC 128Intro to PLC23003
ELC 228PLC Applications26004
ELN 131Electronic Devices33004
ELN 133Digital Electronics33004
ELN 152Fabrication Techniques13002
HYD 110Hydraulics/ Pneumatics I23003
ISC 212Metrology12002
MAC 121Introduction to CNC20002
MAC 122CNC Turning13002
MAC 124CNC Milling13002
MAC 228Advanced CNC Processes23003
MEC 110Intro to CAD/CAM12002
MEC 111Machine Processes I14003
MEC 112Machine Processes II23003
MEC 128CNC Machining Processes24004
MEC 161Manufacturing Processes I30003
MEC 161AManufacturing Processes I Lab03001
MEC 180Engineering Materials23003
MEC 231Comp-Aided Manufacturing I14003
MEC 232Comp-Aided Manufacturing II14003
MNT 110Intro to Maintenance Procedures13002
PCI 150Process Control Systems32004
PHY 131Physics-Mechanics32004
WLD 112Basic Welding Processes13002

DEVELOPMENTAL REQUIREMENTS: DMA-010, DMA-020, DMA-030, DMA-040, DMA-050, DMA-060, DRE-096, DRE-097, DRE-098