Brian Whitson


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GED® Grad Loves Verizon Managerial Career

When Brian Whitson heard the words, “We’re closing,” from Ethan Allan Industries, he was scared.  After seven years of steady, dependable employment there, Whitson knew he had to prepare himself for a different career to support his young family.  So, along with scores of others who thronged to Mayland’s free GED® classes, Brian Whitson began the exciting journey of earning his high school equivalency (GED®), a document which helped pave the way to new and fulfilling career opportunities.
After successfully completing his GED®, Whitson worked for four years with Baxter Industries.  Then, two years ago, his dream job became a reality when he was offered the position of Store Manager at the Verizon Wireless Center (located at 151 Skyview Circle in Spruce Pine).  “I love my job,” he says.  “It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”
“Studying for the GED® is definitely worth the time and effort.  Once I settled into the class and started studying, I realized it was not going to be as hard as I had expected.  High School or GED® documentation is required for employment anywhere you go; you have to have it to get a job.  The friendly, caring instructors and staff in Mayland’s GED® day-and-night classes are the best.  They are eager to serve students and help them reach their goals---they truly care,” reflects Whitson.
Born in Yancey County to Edward and Jean Whitson, Brian says his hobby is football.  He and his wife, Kristie, along with sons Austin, 12, and Jacob, 9, are excited about moving to a new home.  The family attends Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.
Like Brian Whitson, you too can reach your educational goals in Mayland’s free GED® classes.  No place so near can take you so far!  You will find the GED® Team to be “big enough to serve, yet small enough to care.”  Call or drop by today!  (828-765-7351, ext. 291 or 207)

Brian Whitson


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