Steps and TImeline for the 2015 reaffirmation process


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What steps are including in the 2015 reaffirmation process?

  • Building a foundation of understanding for all constituents of the College.
  • Preparing for the off-site review.
  • Preparing for the on-site review.
  • Completing all the documents required of the reaffirmation process:  Compliance Certification, Institutional Summary, Quality Enhancement Plan, and Focused Report.

During the reaffirmation process, MCC will focus much attention on the completion of the Compliance Certification and the research, development and implementation of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The Compliance Certification Report demonstrates the College’s proficiency and extent of its compliance with Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards and Federal Requirements.  This document is completed and submitted for off-site review on March 17, 2014.  The QEP describes a carefully designed course of action that addresses a well-defined and focused topic related to enhancing student learning and/or the environment supporting student learning. MCC’s QEP will focus on the assurance of quality in distance learning.  Research is being completed now to determine specific outcomes and will examine the areas of faculty development, course development and/or course certification within distance learning opportunities. The Quality Enhancement Plan will be submitted in July 2014.

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What is the Reaffirmation Timeline?

  • Compliance Certification

    • The Compliance Certification, submitted approximately fifteen months in advance of the institution’s scheduled reaffirmation, is a document completed by the institution that demonstrates and documents the College’s judgment to the extent of its compliance with each of the Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements found in  The Principles of Accreditation. (Greg…can you hyperlink The Principles of Accreditation

  • Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

    • The Quality Enhancement Plan, submitted four to six weeks in advance of the on-site review by the Commission, is a document developed by the institution that (1) includes a process identifying key issues emerging from institutional assessment, (2) focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning and accomplishing the mission of the institution, (3)  demonstrates institutional capacity for the initiation, implementation and completion of the QEP, (4) includes broad-based involvement of institutional constituencies in the development and proposed implementation on the QEP, and (5) identifies goals and a plan to assess their achievement. The QEP should be focused and succinct (no more than seventy-five pages of narrative text and no more than twenty-five pages of supporting documentation or charts, graphs, and tables).

  • Overall Reaffirmation Timeline

      • September 12, 2012: SACS Reaffirmation Kickoff Event held at Fall Fling

      • September 19 – December 20:  On-going activities, focus area team meetings and research to identify and select QEP topic held across campus.

      • October 1, 2012:  MCC SACS Leadership Team Named

      • October 2012:  MCC SACS Steering Committee begins work

      • December 8 – 11, 2012:  SACS Annual Conference held in Dallas, Texas

      • December 31, 2012:  QEP Topic Identified from Research and  Focus Area Team meetings

      • December 31, 2012:  QEP Director Named

      • January 28, 2013:  Leadership Team meeting held in Atlanta with SACSCOC staff

      • February 2013:  Host day workshop for primary writers

      • July 2013:  Rough Draft of Compliance Certification due to IE Office

      • July 6-10, 2013:  Best Practices Institute held in Washington, DC

      • July 21-24, 2013:  Summer Institute held in Daytona Beach, Florida

      • September 19, 2013:  Advisory Visit from  Dr. Charles Taylor, SACS Liaison

      • October 22-14, 2013:  Liz Silvers goes on SACS visit as an observer to Louisiana

      • December 7-10, 2013:  Annual SACS Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia

      • March 17, 2014:  Final Draft of Compliance Certification due to SACS COC

      • Spring/Summer 2014:  Off-site Review of Compliance Certification

      • Summer 2014:  QEP due and Focused Report due to SACS COC

      • September 17-19:  On-Site Team Visits MCC

      • June 2015:  MCC reviewed by the Commission on Colleges

      • July 2015:  MCC receives notification of Reaffirmation

Important Dates
March 2014:  Compliance Certification due to SACS COC
Spring/Summer 2014:  Off-site Review
Summer 2014:  QEP and Focused Report due SACS Coc
September 17-19:  On-site Review

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